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Praying for Nepal

Nepal is a country of about 30 million people; 380 different people groups; and 127 languages. It is 75% Hindu, and less than 3% Christian. Since 2008 there have been sweeping political reforms which have given new opportunities for the advance of the gospel. Pray that Nepali believers will move quickly to take advantage of these opportunities.

With communist China on its northern border, there are Maoist rebels (terrorists) within Nepal that threaten the political stability of the country. Pray for the spiritual strength and physical safety of our missionaries to Nepal, David and Karen Freeman. Pray also for the believers in Nepal, that they will stand fast in faith, and fearlessly proclaim the truths of the gospel in this deeply pagan nation.

If you would like to know more about how to pray for Nepal, please check out Operation World by clicking here or by watching the short video below.

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