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Teen Fall Party

Posted October 20, 2010 in News Articles, Teen Activity, UNITE Youth Group, Youth Ministries

On October 16th, Pastor Dan and Laura threw a fall party for the teenagers. We all got together around 1 p.m. and had some snacks (apple donuts and cider were included) and played some games. Then, the real fun began! The teens paired up into teams of two and were stationed by a pumpkin. With the tools in hand, the teens were given and hour to carve their pumpkins. After the carving was completed, candles were put into each pumpkin and the judging began! We judged each of the pumpkins according to three different categories: Creativity, Knife Skills, and Overall Jack-O-Lantern Appeal. The team that won received tons of candy and pop to take home! Congratulations to Tony and Je’lun Brothern along with Lazerik Winfield who had the coolest design and along with awesome technique.

After the pumpkin carving was done, the teens bobbed for apples and played a game of Ultimate Frisbee without the Frisbee! Instead, a bag filled with pumpkin guts was the throwing object of choice. The teens all had a blast at this activity, and Pastor Dan and Laura are hoping that these kind of activities will help them in building relationships with the teenagers so that they can better minister to them for Jesus Christ!

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